Biotech Innovators and Economic Impact




     There are many biotech products or services offered by some biotech companies that have to do with cryobiology. Some offered different types of state of the art equipments for cryological purposes such as newest machines that can produce very low temperatures in order preserve the test subjects of cryobiology research. Others are collaborating in order to research more on certain matters regarding cryobiological breakthroughs to offer it to the public as soon as their research becomes successful.

  Cryo-Cell International Inc., a stem cell innovation company located in Oldsmar, Florida, announced a collaboration agreement with Cryopraxix Cryobiology Ltd., a global stem cell banking and research company located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in researching and developing a certain cryopreservation technique on women's menstrual flow. Trough these collaboration, Cryopraxis will be able to conduct various clinical studies and trials using Cryo-Cell's propriety C'elle menstrual stem technology (MenScs) in order to be able to identify future diagnostic and therapeutic uses in endometriosis and stress urinary incontinence in women.
     The service that C'elle offers is the only service that allows women to collect and cryopreserve
menstrual flow which contains adult stem cells in order for future usage by any possible patients or possibly their relatives. The process in which this kind of collection and cryopreservation is somewhat similar to that of umbilical cord blood stem cells.



         Endometriosis is usually diagnosed through laparoscopic procedures that are very painful and more invasive for the patient. The new clinical studies conducted through this partnership will lead a way for a new area of research that will help develop a new and non-invasive way to test for the disease. By using Cryo-Cell's C'elle system, the study aims to be able to diagnose patients based on analysis of their menstrual blood stem cells. The company Cryopraxis will also use C'elle stem cells to develop therapies for female stress urinary incontinence.
     Innovators such as International Cryogenics has the capacity and also experience to be able to design and manufacture high quality cryogenic equipment for research, laboratory, medical and the private industry. This is one of the international companies that specializes in meeting the end users’ requirements. Usually their manufacturing capabilities are not only limited to liquid nitrogen laboratory storage dewars, but also they offered biotechnological products such as cryobiological containers for life science and agricultural applications, non-magnetic liquid helium storage containers, liquid helium or liquid nitrogen cryostats for research and magnet applications as well as many designs of high efficient liquid helium and liquid nitrogen
transfer lines. International Cryogenics has offered excellence in design along with creative, new ideas to meet the expectations of the world’s cryogenic transfer and storage needs.
     On the other hand, California Cryobank, Inc.has been providing storage of sperm, cord blood, embryos and different kind of cells. This company runs throughout the state of California. The facilities which cryopreservation of cells and embryos takes place are located in different parts of California such as one located in Los Angeles. Donors can go to this facilities and donate and they will be associated health professionals. This kind of company helps the expansion of research for biotechnological breakthroughs and even making cryopreservation as one of the important technique for preserving cells.

Economic Impact

     In the area of genetic research, cryobiology has provided a way yet expensive to freeze and store the embryos of different strains of research laboratory animals and also people. Cryobiology has also met with great success in the treatment of human infertility affecting all the lives of people not only here in the United States but also in other countries around the world. Also,countries that are now using cryiobiology as a way of preserving different cells especially the reproductive cells and using it to treat complicated diseases such as cancer would definitely increase. People around the world would definitely travel to countries such as the United States which have famous facilities for cryobiologal way of treating illnesses and pay for the price that
will cost just to treat their diseases effectively. Normally, people who were financially stable can afford such thing. They would travel because basically their country which they came from doesn’t have such technology. The arrival of such patients here in the United States and the prices they paid will make the country’s economy to bloom.


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